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crisp fall morning | Auburn, NH Family Photographer

This session took place on a VERY chilly, crisp fall morning. I think Mom probably walked away from our session feeling a bit defeated since there was a bit of chaos with the kids. It’s never very easy with little ones but the cold breeze added another element to contend with. Despite all that was working against us on this morning, I knew I got some good shots — I just had to be sneaky about several of them!



“Keep doing what you’re doing, our plan to drive mom crazy is working.”MurBlog6MurBlog7

These sweet little faces! <3MurBlog8MurBlog9MurBlog10MurBlog11

See!?! So many good ones! Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek!

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crazy, beautiful life | Auburn, NH Family Photographer

This session was special in so many ways — a culmination of first official family photos (for real!), a surprise birthday gift, generations captured, and for me — getting to hang with some awesome friends and neighbors. We had fun and man, oh man, I got some really good ones. And well, I’ll let the images do the talking…


GET.OUT.OF.HERE… I will personally ensure that this ends up on their wall as a HUGE print.McBlog2

I’m pretty sure baby brother is thinking that these two are a little nutty. 1-2-3 JUMP!

Yeah, this one needs a big print too…McBlog5McBlog6McBlog7(5)SO special and important to include grandparents any time you can! This was a very special birthday gift for these kiddos’ grandfather.

It is a crazy, beautiful life and it is yours — I hope it captured it the way you were hoping! Love you guys! xoxoMcBlogFinal



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glowing mama and growing family | Auburn, NH Family and Maternity Photographer

Where to start? After having to reschedule a couple of times, we were thankfully (and finally) blessed with a perfect fall evening for this maternity/family shoot. This is probably one of the kindest families you will ever meet (must be their southern roots!) They have a beautiful love for one another and a love for life. In just a few months this family will grow to four, and what a blessed life the baby already has!


Mama is absolutely glowing, you can totally feel the excitement for this little one to arrive.RSBlog2RSBlog3RSBlog4RSBlog5

Don’t even get me started on big sister! I have been photographing her since the very beginning. She is an absolutely stunning little girl, and full of as much spunk as she is gorgeous. She will be a wonderful big sister, and oh that wardrobe that she is going to hand down… lucky little girls! RSBlog6RSBlog9RSBlog10RSBlog11

Loving on mama and baby sister.RSBlog12RSBlog13RSBlog14

So I HAD to include this outtake (and asked mama if it was okay!)  While I do love the perfectly posed images and beautifully candid moments, this has got to be one of the best ‘real life’ shots for family portraits sessions — it’s not all sunshine and rainbows folks! There’s the spunk I was telling you about 😉RSBlog16RSBlog17(5)RSBlog17

Y’all are awesome (see what I did there?? 😉 ) You rocked this session and your newest baby girl is already so loved!RSBlog18

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a sister is worth a thousand friends | Londonderry, NH Family Photographer

Sometimes I just have to pinch myself after a session to make sure it really happened. This was one of those sessions. These girls, despite their very young ages, were amazing! They listened, they looked at the camera, and they literally couldn’t be any cuter. They really made my job easy that day, when it could’ve easily been chaotic dealing with three very little ones. There is so much love between this family and these three beautiful sisters. May these photos follow them for the rest of their lives and remind them everyday how wonderful it is to have sisters!


This is such an awesome family. I only really know mom through Facebook and having done their photos before (when there was just one little girl and before my blogging days!). However, it feels like I really know her beyond just social media. I was pregnant with my third the same time she was pregnant with her second, so we were going through a lot of the pregnancy and new baby milestones together. I guess there are some positive things about Facebook (maybe?!?). I think she also comes from a family of three girls, which is pretty neat too!

Curly hair problems.GGBlog8GGBlog9GGBlog10

Oh.em.gee…. I just love this little series.GGBlog11

Sweet baby A is turning one… and just as beautiful as her older sisters.GGBlog12GGBlog13(5)GGBlog13

“Side by side, or miles apart, sisters will always connected by heart.”

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turning one | Londonderry, NH Baby Photographer

I met this sweet family to capture little miss’s first birthday portraits. It was a chilly morning and she didn’t really know what to think of me or my giant lens. We eeked out a few smiles toward the end, but she mostly showed me her serious side (it’s hard work turning one!). Being that she is ridiculously adorable, her serious side was just as beautiful. I love her little teeth poking out on the bottom. ODBlog1ODBlog2ODBlog3ODBlog4ODBlog6ODBlog7(5)ODBlog7

By this point, she was only happy with apple in hand and in mama’s arms (but mama wasn’t prepared to be in the photos so I had to get a little creative with my angles!)ODBlog8ODBlog9(5)

Happy Birthday sweet girl! ODBlog9

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