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What’s up with the name of this post?? Well, it sort of went down just like that. A friend who has been wanting some updated photos for quite a while texted me to see if I was around because it was a perfect autumn evening for photos. I was home and actually toting my camera for my kids and neighbors’ kids as they played in the yard, so she piled her family in the car and was at my house in 10 minutes — and when I say she arrived at the BEST and most precise time for evening photos, I’m not kidding… the light can not get any better than that my friends!


Get out of here with these two perfect kids! GAH. They were so good. We busted these photos out in 10 minutes and they didn’t make a peep as we hurried through poses to catch the last bit of sun.


Maybe you’re saying — Wow, did they walk through the woods to find that awesome spot? NOPE. This was literally on the side of my driveway (get it? drive by mini? ♥) We have massive amounts of landscaping to do at our new house but I got to tell ya, we have these amazing pockets of light and woods and just all things I love for photos… so when I’m planning my landscaping over the coming years, you can pretty much guarantee that I will be planning little photo sets for each deliciously lit spot. I might even shed a tear or two when these fallen trees go, they make a perfect bench… unlike my husband who will probably cheer while they’re being heaved into a wood chipper.BeckBlog3


“I want a mini session! I want a mini session!” I know I’ll get a few inquiries after this post so I’ll just say it right now, I don’t typically book random mini sessions. I have found that they aren’t entirely cost effective for me and they go against the way I like to shoot and run my business. In most cases, even if I keep the session short (which I have a hard time doing since I’m a huge over-shooter!), I still spend nearly the same amount of time traveling/editing/posting/managing orders as a full session but I’m getting paid less! And I’m not a huge fan of back-to-back minis either, I know some photographers who will do 10 or more in a day — and that’s just not me. I like spending time with families, letting kids warm up to me, finding cool spots, walking around, etc., without worrying about my next 15 minute time slot! And let’s talk about light for a minute… golden hour, that’s my favorite time to shoot — AN HOUR! Which makes it nearly impossible to shoot all day. And can we say, stress? Yuck. I like shooting, I LOVE it, I like looking for light and at your pretty faces, not at my watch for my next time slot. So, there you have it, I’ve never had a ‘day of minis’ in the past.

I’m making no promises but here’s the deal, I live in an awesome neighborhood now and there are SO many good places to shoot — never thought my driveway would become a favorite spot – weird! In any case, shooting in or near my neighborhood eliminates travel time for me which is a big deal since I’m trying to minimize time away from my family, so I’ll be re-thinking this whole idea of mini sessions and likely trying to work it into my 2015 plan/pricing or find some sort of middle ground so that it doesn’t compromise the way I like to run my sessions. Hopefully that’s a glimmer of hope for those of you who have been trying to get on my calendar!

[…] drive by mini | Auburn, NH Family Photographer […]

[…] drive by mini | Auburn, NH Family Photographer […]

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