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I promised myself I would get to this post before the end of the year and here I am with one day to spare! These are SOME of my favorite images from 2011. Some of them won’t be a surprise, and some of them probably will. Narrowing down which ones I was going to post was more challenging than I originally anticipated. 1) I took a lot of photos this year (and I didn’t even include any personal ones) and 2) I have a LOT of favorites. If none of your session images made it to this post, PLEASE don’t be upset or offended, I literally had thousands to sift through, and I probably included more here than I should have (get comfortable!). I have a few favorites from every session, but these are some that I often come back to – and you’ll even see in my marketing material for 2012.

What can I say about this sweet girl? She could be a little model, and has the personality to go with the adorable face. Her mom will probably laugh that this image ended up on my favorite list, as her excitement in this photo was due to a barn cat that followed us around during our shoot, and actually ended up in quite a few photos. I just love her expression here.

I love the little tooth poking out here and of course those BIG baby blues!

This was from an OpLove shoot and such a beautiful moment between these two (well, between these THREE since baby-to-be is in there too).

Again, another OpLove shoot. One of my all-time favorite photos, I love her expression, the motion, and of course the fact that she is with her hero, her daddy.

This is the son of two very dear friends so that alone makes it a fav, but also because I actually was able to get this shot for his football fanatic daddy.

Love the expressions, the angle, the moment… *sigh*

Oh the light…

As if this little sweetie wasn’t going to make it into my favorites! She is special in the fact that she was my last 2011 session, but also because she was just perfect! And now that I think about it, she is actually my second-to-last, I’m squeezing in one last session tomorrow morning!

PLEASE…  I really don’t even need to comment as to why this is a favorite.

Love the texture here… and the couple isn’t too shabby either 🙂

Sometimes simple is best and this is why…

One of my favorite little girls…

I’m pretty sure you can literally feel the love in this little family.

A proud big sister.

And another big sister… I love how ‘soft’ this photo feels.

Such a thoughtful little face, as if she is really contemplating something… (probably why the girl with the camera won’t leave her alone).

I love the warmth in this one….

Seriously, how much do they love each other?

Again, this little face… she is just perfect and that hair, oh that hair!

When I shoot in the evening, you’ll see me check my watch then the sky, the watch, the sky (repeat, repeat…) Why?  The ‘golden hour’ is such a great time for shooting, but sometimes things start late or run long, and this image was from one of those times… it was practically dark by the time I took this photo… but I ADORE the story it tells and the grain from the dark evening light.

You probably couldn’t pack much more personality into one more photo. These expressions are priceless, and all for a dinosaur toy (I think) being held by mom. Boys, you gotta love them.

And girls… these two were amazing and FULL of personality. I could’ve picked quite a few favorites from their session but I kept control of myself… and by the way, shooting in a corn maze = awesome.

This was from another session where I checked off MANY favorites. The light was unreal, and of course, the couple was perfect 🙂 Some couples need a lot of guidance for posing, where to look, etc. – not these two, completely natural in front of the camera!

This was a fantastic senior session…  beautiful light, and a gorgeous subject!

This little guy did not want to sleep for me but luckily I snagged a few shots in the first 5 minutes before he woke up for the remainder of our session.

Oh sweet M, what can I say about this little guy? This was another session that filled my folder of favorites. He literally could not stop smiling and look at that eye contact!

This photo sort of started my movement to try and get moms into at least one photo at each newborn session. This mom was not prepared to be in any photos, and she reluctantly got into this shot.

I love how bright this photo is, it feels so crisp and clean. And that sweet face, and those EYES. Such a beautiful girl!

I think you can feel how much they love each other in this photo.

Oh apple blossoms… love the intimate moment here. (And adding a little plug for my ‘Apple Blossom Minis’ that I will be holding this coming spring!)


This photo needs no comments… the family, the light, the moment… PERFECTION.

This photo just makes me smile.

Oh the light…

Hands-down one of my favorite images of all time. If I ever have a studio to call my own (*fingers crossed*), I can pretty much guarantee a huge canvas of this image will be hanging in it.

And yet, another canvas for my dream studio…

This photo makes me laugh out loud… literally… LOLL.

A brand new baby and a brand new mama…. there is no greater bond.

Funny how swings can bring out the little kids in all of us (and oh the light!)

I had a hard time deciding whether I liked this photo in color or B&W better… I loved them both.

Phew, that was a lot… now if only you could see how many I originally had in my favorites folder! Looking forward to creating many more favorites in 2012! Happy New Year!!!

Mandi - December 31, 2011 - 2:04 pm

Congratulations on a successful 2011! And kudos to you for being able to narrow down your favorites to this amount of photos…I’m fairly certain your list is quite long. I’m not sure how you were able to select just these ones…they are ALL amazing!

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