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summer magic | Goffstown, NH Family Photographer

Here it is — the final piece to this session! I really need to cut back on the number of photos I post in a peek, since it’s really much more than just a peek that I’m giving! Believe it or not, I had marked several more for this post and just couldn’t fit them in (not to mention I’ve been spending way too much time behind the computer at night!). I think I’ll be limiting the amount of photos in sneak peeks to a specific number, and if there are more that I want to share I’ll just have to deal! But of course that will all be going forward — these guys luck out with another LONG post. There is so much gorgeousness packed in here – I can’t even take it. The family, the location, the light – it was all perfect. I’ve been in the photography world for several years now, and I feel like I can finally say, “I got this.” Enjoy!



I’m a little obsessed with this one.CFBlog6

Here’s a pullback of what is commonly going on in the background when just mom and dad are in front of the camera — haha.



Can you believe that this is someone’s yard?!?CFBlog7

You guys rocked it as usual, I would expect nothing less. xoxoCFBlog8

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village minis | Goffstown, NH Family Photographer

Man oh man, I’m on a roll. As a continuation of yesterday’s post, I was also able to capture a few images for each family that wanted a few updated family portraits. I may have gotten carried away that evening, these minis are like super-sized:-)The location was honestly to die for — a huge THANK YOU to the owners of this absolutely magical place. It’s hard to believe that all this beautiful stone work and endless gardens are part of a private residence (and good for them that it’s a little too far for me to travel to easily, or else I would want to shoot there every day!). Without further ado, here are some more sneak peeks of this absolutely beautiful session!


You know you want to squeeze her.VM12VM14VM15

I can’t believe how much she has grown — similar pose with mama at the very bottom of this post!VM16VM17

If this is not the best sibling shot ever, than I don’t know what is! Haha! The only time I have spent with this family was on this evening — I’m just going to throw it out there that maybe these two have very different personalities??:-) VM18

I die.VM19

This family is ridiculously photogenic — basically every shot was a keeper, which is never a bad thing for a photographer! VM21

Mom really wanted this shot = perfection.VM22

And please, those FRECKLES.VM23

It was so fun hanging out with all of you! I hope you enjoyed your sneak peeks! Part 3 of this session to come soon!

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it takes a village | Goffstown, NH Family Photographer

For those of you who regularly follow my work, this family should be pretty familiar. Not only are they great friends of mine, but I’ve done numerous shoots for them. Mama even helps me at other shoots from time to time, she’s been my ‘baby handler’ before and is very good at getting some tough kiddos to crack a smile. She has encouraged me in my photography journey EVERY step of the way, and has always been one of my biggest supporters not just in this business, but in all aspects of our friendship. I’m pretty sure she was a therapist in a former life. She is part of my village, but this isn’t about me or my village, this is about her village, THEIR village.

Practically everyone has heard the proverb ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and their family and ‘village’ is the epitome of the phrase.  This mama has a very successful career that sometimes requires travel. Dad recently started a new career and on top of that he is an ultra-runner (that means he runs FAR and it takes a LONG time), in addition, he even organizes these types of marathons for others! I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention how close these two are in their marriage. They know how important it is to stay connected as a couple and take trips together when they can. They are also first to jump in and lend a helping hand to others — painting a new house or yard work for a friend (or assisting in a photo shoot!), or taking someone else’s children for a long weekend so that other couples can stay connected! And above all else, the very reason for this village, they have THREE very busy kids. The boys play sports and are involved in theater and sweet Miss K is an active 2 year old (enough said).  All things considered, they simply could not do all of this on their own — and this is where their village comes in. They have one of the biggest, most supportive groups of friends and family that I have ever seen. It was so much fun to see the unique relationships and bonds this family has formed through so many different channels.


I had to include this candid shot — since it illustrates the care these kids get when their village steps in.


That is one lucky man.


These kids — they were awesome… so happy I got this one.VB10

And then there’s this … a little taste of real life, but in all seriousness, they adore each other.VB11

A friend consoling another after a splinter incident.VB9VB6

There are so many wonderful people in their village — and if you can believe it, they couldn’t all make it, there are even more. This family is so very blessed. Thank you for picking me to capture this!VB14

And the pictures don’t stop here folks — stay tuned for more blog posts featuring some of the individual families.

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hey jude | Manchester, NH Baby Photographer

This handsome little guy just turned one. Look at that smile.


I typically don’t love shooting mid-day. The sun is high in the sky, and it’s not easy to escape UNLESS you can find some really nice open shade, and of course, I’m always looking for good backlight. I probably should start being less afraid of shooting during the day, this little guy’s session was still so dreamy for being just before lunch time.JIBlog2JIBlog3(5)v2

So very dapper. It’s no surprise that I loved this hat. Fun accessories can really add so much to a session!JIBlog4(5)

OH PLEASE — look at that smirk, this was one of my favorites from the session. I loved the light and the way he was so delicately holding the ginormous balloon.JIBlog4JIBlog5

Here’s where things got a little interesting. This was my first outdoor cake smash session. I’m trying to get away from doing them indoors, so I was really excited for this one. And of course, the cake — could it be more perfect? Chickadee Hill Cakes never disappoints! Mom said that he really got into his cake at his birthday party, so we were ready for some serious smashing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd then this happened…. cake anxiety. Well, that’s what I’m calling it anyway  :-) Similar to stranger anxiety — this little guy wanted NOTHING to do with his cake unless mom was right there next to him. We tried everything from moving the cake to different stands, giving him a blanket to sit on, even giving him a nice long break for some milk and a snack. JIBlog7

All he wanted was mama.JIBlog8

So, we improvised. Mom wasn’t planning on being in the photos – but we couldn’t let that beautiful cake go to waste, so she joined in on the session. She was a good sport and got covered in frosting. It may not have been the cake smash that either of us were envisioning but such is life with a one year old, you never know what you may get, so you just have to go with it.JIBlog9

See? Such a good sport, SO much frosting.

We had mama move out of the shot and gave it one last try toward the end, and well, you can see that he was having none of it. I’ll probably need to write a research paper on cake anxiety.:-) JIBlog11JIBlog12

This little boy sure loves his mama. Hope you enjoyed your sneak peeks. Happy Birthday, Jude! JIBlog13

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my journey | Auburn, NH Family & Child Photographer

If you don’t follow me on Facebook, or missed the post (Facebook doesn’t even show my posts to 1/4 of my followers), you probably didn’t see the interview I did with I Heart Faces. I was also a guest judge for their photography “Props” challenge. Please click here to see my interview and learn how I got where I am today — you’ll see quite a few familiar faces too! And thank you again to I Heart Faces for this opportunity!


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