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ray of sunshine | Auburn, NH Children’s Photographer

I can’t believe a whole year has gone by since I photographed this precious girl at only a few days old. Since these are friends of ours, we had big plans to have a fun-filled day to be followed by her one-year photo shoot at a local orchard. Well, the fun happened… and so did the clouds and chance of rain. Literally while the grill was being fired up and the rest of our family was changing out of bathing suits and getting ready for a BBQ, we were running down the road to find a decent spot before the skies opened up. In the end, it all worked out and this pretty backdrop along the country road worked perfectly.


Oh this  precious girl… she’s a beauty.BLOGCL2Per my usual, I can never pick ‘just a few’ for a blog post… so here’s a bunch of my favorites. I’m imagining a beautiful wall gallery in their new home (currently being built!) There will be so much wall space to fill with photos of this gorgeous girl.


And this one… this one… deserves a BIG frame. One of my favorites.BLOGCL7BLOGCL10BLOGCL12BLOGCL14BLOGCL15

I would certainly be remiss if I didn’t include a few candids from our fun during the day, and a few of her handsome older brother.

Happy Birthday sweet girl, you are SO loved by SO many. In case you can’t get enough of her, here’s a quick slideshow that includes a few more (and there’s music!)

Now that the leaves are beginning to turn – goodbye summer (*tear rolls down cheek*), I’m beginning to get inquiries for fall shoots. I’m very sorry to say that I’m still not currently taking new clients/sessions. We moved into our new house about a month ago and JUST got internet and cable a week ago. My list of things to do with the new house and just life in general is a MILE long, forget the fact I have three of my own kiddos, which means school, homework, soccer, dance, birthdays, etc. (my own little guy just turned two and I haven’t even done HIS portraits yet!) I’m just not ready to take on much more than the few sessions that have been in the works for a while now. Sorry to disappoint those who have asked (some more than once or twice!) but at this time, my family is my biggest priority and unfortunately everything else just has to come second (*sigh*). Thank you to everyone who still asks even though they already know the answer, it is flattering to say the least.

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happiness is | Londonderry, NH Family Photographer

Happiness is being three years old.


Oh sweet T… I have been photographing her since she was just a few weeks old (before my blogging days!) and every year after that (see here, here and here). And just like that she’s three years old.


This was one of the very few sessions I’m taking this spring (see my note at the very bottom) and her mom was ever-so-patient in working with my crazy schedule and contending with Mother Nature’s not-so-nice ways this spring. I lost track of how many times we rescheduled, but having landed on a beautifully sunny day and catching the last bit of apple blossoms made the wait seem worth it. If you hadn’t figured it out yet – these were taken at one of my favorite locations, Mack’s Apples.



Three years can be a tough age to photograph… well, a tough age in general (at least it has proven to be in my family thus far!) You can end up with total cooperation or a total lack thereof when trying to get this rambunctious and defiant age in front of the camera. Sometimes just being silly, dancing, spinning, and laughing is the best approach to a session with this age. As you can see, Miss T happily danced and spun at every request.


There wasn’t anything I didn’t love about this session. It was so good seeing you again M family! She steals my heart every time! TMblog9

A friendly reminder that I am not booking any new sessions right now beyond what is already on my calendar while my family moves into our new home. Happy Spring (finally!)

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all things beautiful | Goffstown, NH Children’s Photographer

This session was a mix of many wonderful things — beautiful baby, amazing location, vintage flair, girly accessories and even a bit rustic! If I were to sit here and name some of my favorite things, you could find them in these photos. A huge amount of credit needs to go to this sweet girl’s mama — she put SO much time and effort into planning the outfits, the accessories, and selecting the utmost PERFECT location. If you have not ever been to Apotheca Flower & Tea Shoppe in Goffstown, NH, I suggest you drop whatever you are doing and head there right now… (or in the morning since there’s a good chance I’m posting this late at night!)  Reflective of the style of this shoot, Apotheca is a mix of all things beautiful, vintage and unique. From their selection of teas, food and drinks, to their AMAZING floral design, jewelry and decor, to the cozy little nooks all around the shop, this place has it all. You will never want to leave — I promise. They were so awesome during our shoot – basically letting us spread out everywhere and use all of their cool furniture. I think I could shoot there a hundred times and still keep finding different things to use. Sending out a huge THANK YOU to them! Without further ado… the birthday girl…

KMblog3KMblog4KMblog5KMblog6Little miss is usually a very happy, smiley baby — she was a bit serious this day but part of me is glad for the expressions here – they just seem to fit.


We really enjoyed going all over the shop – so many wonderful places to sit. I can imagine some people spend hours there reading and sipping their favorite drink. The regulars poured in and out while we moved around taking photos all over.


Baby girl with her proud mama and dadda! KMblog9

Okay, can we just talk about this outfit for a minute??? GET OUT. I LOVE IT. And on a whim, I grabbed this bonnet from my prop stash at the last second, it must have been fate. KMblog10(5)

Lovin’ on her bear.




No first birthday is complete without a cake! Yet again, Chickadee Hill Cakes steals my heart… and my waistline (I got to take some of the cake home! ) As suspected, little miss was very dainty with her cake and there was definitely no smashing… but she did enjoy the frosting! (As did I, best buttercream ever!!)


Happy Birthday sweet girl. I have so enjoyed watching you grow over the the past year (here, here, here, and here!) You are a blessing to so many! xoxo


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bundle of joy | Barrington, NH Newborn Photographer

Remember this beautiful mama and her perfectly round belly? Well, the sweet babe inside has finally made her appearance into this great big world. Meet sweet H. She LOVES her mama.


Typically, I like to start newborn sessions with the beanbag poses and sleepy shots, but little miss wanted nothing to do with sleeping when I first got there. So to keep things moving we took the opportunity to go into her GORGEOUS nursery and do some lifestyle shots.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI don’t do lifestyle newborn sessions very often but I LOVE how they came out, and now thinking that I may need to do more of these! It is a tremendous amount of work for a typical newborn session because of all the ‘stuff’ that is needed — beanbag, lighting, backdrops, blankets, props, headbands, hats, space heater, flooring. Despite being my littlest clients, they are the most amount of work — so just strolling into her nursery and taking these shots without worrying about all the ‘stuff’ was so nice!


Look at that eye contact!mbblog4OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Mama worked very hard on her nursery and came it together beautifully! It was Pinterest worthy for sure! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmbblog12Once we were done in the nursery, miss H finally began dozing off … is she gorgeous or what??! Look at those yummy back rolls!
mbblog13mbblog14mbblog16mbblog17mbblog18mbblog19mbblog20OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It was nearing the end our session and she was REALLY sleepy at this point (go figure!), we all smiled when she put her hand on her face like this… such a long day for a little peanut!


Hope you enjoyed your lengthy sneak peek. Welcome to the world Miss H! You are loved! mbblog23

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baby, it’s cold outside | Manchester, NH Maternity Photographer

This post is a bit overdue – as are most things in my life these days! This is my sister-in-law. She and her husband are expecting their first bouncing baby boy in just about a month. We totally lucked out with this session, because even though it was bone-chilling cold (like REALLY!), the snow showers that were predicted for that day held off until later… I’m sure you are thinking, but wait, I see snow?? You can thank Photoshop for that. I have done a session in the real snow before (see here), but admittedly, Photoshop snow is much easier to deal with!


Despite the cold, we had a lot of fun and laughs. You can see in the middle far left, they tried out some new poses I had never done before;-)APBlog2

Glowing mama-to-be…APBlog3

Grammy to this little bundle came along for a few photos too… she is very excited to welcome her newest grandson! (She already has three REALLY cute grandkids – *cough, cough*my kids*).

Mama and daddy had a little fun with some props that they brought. Mama-to-be loves knitting and this little one will definitely not be lacking in handmade items. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For all the silly moments and laughs between these two, there were some seriously sweet loving going on. This baby will be so blessed with such fun and loving parents.APBlog7APBlog8

One of my favs… the purple shawl was handmade by mama-to-be’s aunt, and is a ‘prayer shawl’ which was also worn during parts of her wedding – a family keepsake for sure!

You two are going to be awesome parents. I can’t wait to meet my very first nephew!


While I have you ‘here’, my PSA for today is to share that I am currently not taking any new sessions. My family is in the middle of selling our home and moving (again – but this time to our forever home!) I have only booked a few sessions in the next few months and will not be taking anything else until further notice. If you need help finding a photographer, please reach out – I’m lucky enough to know many awesome photographers in the area!

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