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all things new | Bedford, NH Family Photographer

This family is so wonderful. They invited me to their new home for their session. It’s really special to get family photos done, especially when they are overdue, but it’s even more so to have them done at a new home and yard. Mom really wanted some updated photos and asked to capture ‘moments’ and fewer poses. There is so much love between these three, it was very easy to capture it …. without further ado…


Little Miss snuck in on mom and dad’s moment — wearing dad’s sunglasses… MouBlog7(5)

Shooting mid-morning without a lot of shade can have its challenges, but oh this backlight… and that face.MouBlog7

Thanks for having me over M family. I had so much fun! Hope you enjoyed your sneak peeks!MouBlogLst

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soon to be three | Hollis, NH Maternity Photographer

Well, this session is going to get a nice big check mark next to it in the “My Favorites” category. This beautiful mama-to-be booked this session quite some time ago, and when the time drew near and we started talking locations, she mentioned perhaps wanting a barn. It was totally meant-to-be because I had just been thinking of this particular spot and wanting to try it, and what did it have? — a great, big red barn! Despite the distance from my house, I will definitely be going back… it was sort of a photographer’s dream location.


This couple was so fun and easygoing, they made my job so very easy. SchBlog4SchBlog5

I was so pleasantly surprised to see so much color still on the trees in November! And apples! SchBlog6(5)SchBlog6SchBlog7SchBlog8SchBlog9SchBlog10SchBlog11SchBlog12SchBlog13SchBlog14

Thanks for going with the flow and walking through very tall grass with me:-)Even though we only met this one time, I know you two will be great parents! Your excitement and love for this baby is undeniable. Hope you enjoyed your peek! SchBlog15


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final days of fall | Auburn, NH Family Photographer

Fall is such a busy time for photographers, this year was no exception for me. We caught the tail end of the foliage for this session, and it was still just as gorgeous as the peak. I literally tried  to squeeze in every session that my schedule could allow. Now, as I wind down into my final sessions for November, it makes me so happy to have ended October with this beautiful family. The kids, while still very young, were so good and did basically everything that was asked of them, they made my job quite easy!


I love this little series. Mom and Dad were posing for me (left image), and I caught these two standing like this watching their parents (right image) . Could you not just eat them up? So sweet.HenBlog4HenBlog5HenBlog6HenBlog7HenBlog8HenBlog9HenBlog10

Sometimes you just have to be silly!HenBlog11HenBlog12HenBlog13HenBlog14(1)HenBlog14HenBlog15HenBlog16HenBlog17HenBlog18(5)HenBlog18HenBlog19HenBlog20HenBlog21(5)

We ended our session by the lake … HenBlog21(6)HenBlog21HenBlog22

H Family, thank you for ending my October on such a high note! HenBlog23

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love will keep you warm | Auburn, NH Family Photographer

In terms of brisk fall days, this day was about as ‘brisk’ (AKA bone-chilling) as you could get. It was spitting snow on and off throughout the day and I went back and forth in my mind a million times if I should call and reschedule because of the cold. By the time our session was drawing near, the clouds (and snow!) had gone, but the cold was here to stay. I decided to go with it since no itty babies were involved. I am so glad that this family stuck it out with me because we had a perfectly lit fall evening (despite the fact we were all so cold!). I think we also caught the foliage at its peak as well — the colors were truly amazing. I feel so very blessed to live in this small, beautiful NH town with these locations at my fingertips!



The kids did a great job pretending they weren’t cold… think warm thoughts! OToBlog3(4)OToBlog3OToBlog4OToBlog6OToBlog7OToBlog8

These moments… always end up being some of my favorites and no one is even looking at the camera…

Thanks for hanging out in the cold with me, I think it was worth it! OToBlog14

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crisp fall morning | Auburn, NH Family Photographer

This session took place on a VERY chilly, crisp fall morning. I think Mom probably walked away from our session feeling a bit defeated since there was a bit of chaos with the kids. It’s never very easy with little ones but the cold breeze added another element to contend with. Despite all that was working against us on this morning, I knew I got some good shots — I just had to be sneaky about several of them!



“Keep doing what you’re doing, our plan to drive mom crazy is working.”MurBlog6MurBlog7

These sweet little faces! <3MurBlog8MurBlog9MurBlog10MurBlog11

See!?! So many good ones! Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek!

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